A few words from our customers...

“We have 3 to 5 Million SKUs in our catalogue, across thousands of categories, and we manage 10-15 different storefronts for our Fortune 500 customers. In a recent promotion, we were processing 100-200 checkouts per minute, with close to 100,000 checkouts that day, thanks to Webscale.”
VP Technology, Skinit

“This holiday season we saw a 15x increase in requests per minute over a 10-minute period. The system scaled up to meet demand immediately and, most importantly, our checkout funnel kept operating at peak efficiency. The Webscale team have created a great product. and keep our environment operational through our most critical times of the year.”
Director of Engineering, Little Passports

“With the level of traffic Skinit gets on a daily basis, we can’t afford downtime, even if it’s due to cloud provider unavailability. Webscale keeps us always-on, always fast and always available.”
VP of IT, Skinit

“During a surge, we were watching our traffic rise, and our immediate reaction was that the site was going to go down. I emailed Webscale, and got a response in minutes to say our secondary servers had already kicked in, and others would be added if our traffic continued to increase. Our traffic tripled that day, our biggest day ever.”
Ecommerce Manager, Trumpet & Horn

“The Webscale solution allows us to failover from one cloud to another within 60 minutes, whereas in the past we could be down for half a day or more in the event of a cloud provider outage”
Director of E-Commerce Operations, Event Network

“Webscale technology delivers measurable benefits on things you care about and so do we – SEO, organic search rankings, conversion rates, bounce rates, revenue, user experience and customer satisfaction. Webscale has improved our add-to-cart speed from 3.5 sec to 1.9 sec and our conversion rate is up 17% already. As CMO, I am totally thrilled!”
CMO, ValuePetSupplies.com

“We manage more than 80 online stores for our customers and had DDoS attacks coming every other hour – it became a very painful process during the holidays to keep the sites up. All the issues we had with our prior provider have been fixed with Webscale. As a team, we now brag internally about our performance!”
Senior Director of Digital Commerce, Event Network

“We’ve been extremely impressed at how smoothly the Webscale team has managed our move to the cloud, and the impact of their work has been felt across the entire company.”
Director of IT, Fresh Produce

“After implementing Webscale, our website speed was immediately 400 times faster, with page load times reduced from 9 seconds to 1.2 seconds.”
CEO, Bad Kitty

“In a recent large promotion we hit a new peak checkout rate of ten per second, selling out in minutes, while maintaining site performance and checkout response time. With Webscale we no longer have to worry about scaling to tackle these spikes.”
Director of IT, ThinkGeek Solutions (GameStop)

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