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Webscale Converged Platforms

Save time, money and resources with Webscale’s complete solution stacks

Webscale Enterprise

Businesses with multiple applications across distributed backend systems select Webscale Enterprise for the migration, deployment and ongoing management of its web applications. Adoption of the Webscale converged cloud-based technology platform provides maximum flexibility and customization for the architecture needs of the Enterprise. Webscale Enterprise includes all the benefits of Webscale Pro such as high performance through content optimization and CDN integration, strong security with WAF, proactive monitoring and predictive auto-scaling to cater to user demand. In addition, Webscale Enterprise supports multiple applications across hybrid or multiple cloud deployments, disaster recovery, dedicated infrastructure, advanced security and analytics, increased support SLA and more.

Webscale Pro

Businesses that need to easily deploy, migrate and monitor cloud applications, while improving user experience with high performance and strong security, choose Webscale Pro. The Webscale Pro platform includes blazing fast performance through web and mobile content optimization and high availability through load balancing (ADC), an integrated global cloud content delivery network (CDN), predictive auto-scaling, and self-healing of cloud infrastructure. Security is provided via a programmable web application firewall (WAF), and application deployment is enabled with configuration management (CM), together with alerting, monitoring and 24×7 SLA-based support. Businesses with one or two key web applications, wanting to save time, money and resources, are ideal users of Webscale Pro.

Webscale A-La-Carte Solutions

Choose any of these services to enhance your cloud-hosted application.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup automatically on stack makes a copy of the entire backend of a web application, including the application servers and data server. This is performed once every 24 hours, and to a different cloud region than where the primary application is running. This service is also included with Webscale Pro at no additional cost.

Cloud Mirror & Cloud Rescue

For businesses whose applications are actively managed by Webscale, Cloud Mirror maintains a near real-time replica of the web application backend systems in an alternate cloud region (or in a different cloud provider’s infrastructure), enabling smooth failover with minimal downtime in the event of a service or cloud provider outage. Webscale provides SLAs for the data loss (RPO) and recovery time (RTO), ensuring the application is back up and running within minutes of a disaster. For businesses whose applications are not currently managed by Webscale, Cloud Rescue provides business continuity in the event of a crisis or unexpected downtime, and offers the same RPO and RTO guarantees as Cloud Mirror during a failover.

Cloud Auto-Scaling

Cloud auto-scaling uses predictive analytics and big data to constantly monitor traffic, predict changes in user demand, and proactively scale out/scale in application infrastructure in real-time. This ensures high performance delivering an optimal user experience even under heavy load or surge traffic. Webscale will automatically scale out the ADC layer as well to meet network and CPU demands and offload the backend for critical tasks. Unique to Webscale, predictive auto scaling is available for multiple cloud providers and ensures infrastructure is always right-sized and optimally used for the highest ROI on cloud infrastructure.

Cloud ADC

Cloud ADC provides Layer 7 load balancing across application server instances using load, request and session patterns at both the ADC and the application layers. Webscale enables multi-data center and multi-cloud deployments and routes requests with the smallest network latency, leading to more efficient use of cloud infrastructure. The Webscale ADC also provides better performance with web and mobile content optimizations and enhanced security with a programmable web application firewall (WAF).

Cloud WAF

The Webscale Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) includes PCI-DSS compatibility, and enables every application with an enhanced level of security, avoiding downtime or performance degradation through malicious attacks, such as distributed denial of service (DDoS). Webscale’s WAF provides comprehensive functionality like blacklisting/whitelisting and support for extensive security policies, including protection against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. In addition to security for data in transit, Webscale can ensure the security of data at-rest, preventing unauthorized access to the backend file infrastructure. Webscale security solutions also include the ability to analyze sessions in real-time for Bot mitigation or anomaly detection.

Cloud Load Balancer

Load Balancer provides Layer 7 (L7) load balancing across application server instances using load, request and session patterns at the ADC and application server layers, ensuring the efficient use of cloud infrastructure for an optimal user experience.

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